Martes, Marso 11, 2014

Royal Blue

Look who's back! I guess I've kinda adjusted with my work schedule now. It's been 3 months since I've updated my blog and I am really happy to share my first ever post this year. 

Here's what I wore during our Clindamycin (Klindex) launch last March 6, 2014 held at Palacio De Maynila. Opted for something simple yet an elegant looking  Forever 21 dress which I paired with my ever so versatile heels from Payless. What I love about my pair of heels is that I get to wear them for more than three hours (which is very rare because I am really not a high heels person) and at the same time it suits any style I wear. 

Props to my bestfriend, Nikki for being my make-up artist and making me look presentable that day. As always! I love how she made my look very natural and sophisticated. Good job, girlfriend. You will always be my saving grace.

P.S. I solemnly swear to update my blog from time to time. Amen.


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