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FridaysWithABlogger: Khai Nunag

Finally, another dose of my FridaysWithABlogger segment! My guest blogger tonight is none other than the creative person behind Quirkypedia and founder of Pampanga's Fashion Blogger, Ms. Khai Nunag! One thing I admire most about Khai is that she knows how to express herself creatively. She is very determined and lives with her passion without hesitations. I can't wait to share with you guys the things I've learned from her.

Khai Nunag - a 22-year-old fashion accessories / RTW designer slash events singer who is known for being goal-oriented, friendly (very!) and quirky has a lot to offer in terms of fashion and arts.
When did you start blogging and how? 
- I started to blog in high school, but had various blog genres back then. I wrote articles, indulged in photography and graphic design, but my blog diverted into a fashion blog in 2010.

How did you learn about blogging?
- I learned about making a web page in high school on our computer class, but later on found out that blogging can be lucrative. I started discovering different fashion blogs through

How did fashion blogging change you? 
- Blogging has made me more confident. I had also achieved some things I never thought I’d be blessed with , like organizing a fashion group here in Pampanga, called Pampanga’s Fashion Bloggers; getting featured on publications & websites; guesting on local and national tv & radio shows.

What's your fashion style?
- My style is diverse. I think I don’t really have a signature style, as I love to be experimental all the time, but if there’s one word I’ll use to describe how I dress up, it would have to be versatil.. However, there’s this thing I call Style Paradox, wherein I mix two or more different styles in one outfit to create a whole new look.
How do I do Style Paradox-ing?
Sometimes, when I dress up in a really classy ensemble like something appropriate for a corporate look, I totally break the style by wearing something opposite to the style like a manly hat or edgy shoes and accessories. I can also dainty dresses with Bohemian boots, or funky pieces with sophisticated ones. Anything goes!

OUTFIT GUIDE: (The Khai Nunag Style)

1. An outfit for day out with friends:

2. An outfit for night out with friends:

3. An outfit for a summer vacay:

4. An outfit for an intimate dinner with your special someone:

5. An outfit for a job interview:

Any tips for all the aspiring fashion bloggers and stylists who look up to you?
- Hello! I hope I’d be able to inspire you with my little piece of fashion adventure. Visit my blog at <3

(c) All photos are taken from LKhai Nunag's blog page.

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