Sabado, Pebrero 9, 2013

Permanent Vacation

 Welcoming the year of the Water Snake with something red

Here's an article I read from a Feng Shui enthusiast, Rodika Tchi:

WHAT TO WEAR: Most Chinese people will also wear new clothes for the New Year celebration to honor the birth of fresh, new energy. Many will also wear clothing in specific colors to win the favors of the ruling zodiac sign/animal of the New Year.

How do you know what colors to wear for the celebration? It's easy.

1. Find out the Feng Shui element of the year:
- 2013 is the Water Element year

2. Choose colors that express this element.
- Blue & Black. You can also use Metal element colors - white & gray - as Metal nourishes Water in the cycle of 5 Feng Shui elements.

Of course, the auspiciousness of Red & Gold colors are always welcomed at the Chinese New Year celebration and can be incorporated as accessories or clothing details.

Read more about the article here:

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