Linggo, Pebrero 10, 2013

His | Her's

Here are some teaser photos for J Trend's Valentine's Day Collection that will be released tomorrow night! 

 This has been an impromptu photo shoot with my boyf since our models were not available that day and we have to push through with the shoot. But hey, I enjoyed the whole day goofing around with him and at the same time doing work. Nothing beats having photo sessions with the one you love!

Credits to my tripod for being our silent photographer for today!

So, what to expect for tomorrow? Skater Skirts, Skater Dresses, Corset Tops, Cropped Tops and of course longsleeves top for the boys! 

Like J Trend's Page to see the whole collection tomorrow! Price ranges from P200-P380! 

Click this link: J Trend

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  1. nice photos and I love your skirt!

    Join my giveaway!!! Click the link for more deets!

    Love, Maria